Sanj's Lotus Esprit Turbo SE pages

Miscellaneous Lotus parts for sale.
Pictures and procedures for removing the ECM (computer) and upgrading the memcal from an Esprit SE or S4.
Pictures of the beautiful exhaust system Neil is making available for SE's, S4's, and S4s'.
Pictures and procedures for removing the instrument binnacle from an '90-'97 Esprit.
Pictures and procedures for removing the inner door panel and repairing window problems on an '89-'93 Esprit
Pictures of the ALDL-to-PC cable I designed for use with Andy Whittaker's excellent FreeScan program.
Pictures showing headlight motor repair using the repair kit from Rodney Dickman.
Pictures showing the installation of a mechanical boost gauge in an Esprit SE or S4.
Pictures showing the removal and rebuilding of the chargecooler pump in an Esprit SE or S4.
Pictures of the replacement of the hideous airbag steering wheel with a proper Nardi wheel.
Pictures of my very toasted turbo before I sent it to be rebuilt.
Pictures of Lotus cars taken at the 2001 British Car Festival held by the BCU on September 9th, 2001.
Pictures taken at the Lotus Corps Fantasy Garage Tour at AB Dynamics on April 29th, 2000.
Pictures taken at the 1999 Lotus Corps annual family picnic on June 27th, 1999.
Pictures of my day as a guest of Team Players at the Motorola 220 CART race at Road America. Thanks Neil!!!
Pictures of my 1990 Esprit Turbo SE after I fitted it with OZ Racing Futura Modular wheels from a 1997 Esprit V8.
Pictures of my car taken shortly after I bought it in November of 1998.

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