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Here are some pictures of my 'proper' yellow '90 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE, recently fitted with a set of OZ Racing Futura Modular wheels from a '97 Esprit V8. The other car is a Norfolk mustard yellow '95 Esprit S4s fitted with USA-spec optional OZ Futura Modular wheels.
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  The wheel sizes and insets are quite different, as seen below. The V8 cars use 285/35ZR18 rear tires on 10Jx18 wheels, whereas the USA-spec S4s used 245/45ZR17 tires on 8.5Jx17 wheels. For much more information, please visit the Lotus Esprit Fact File.

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The three pictures below show the wheels with the center caps installed.
I couldn't make up my mind about leaving them off.......

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The red arrows show the areas of the wheel center bore that had to be machined larger to fit the hubs on my car. The front hubs on later cars are 2mm smaller in diameter. The rear hubs are the same. The two center pictures show the difference between a stock 7Jx15 front wheel and the new 8.5Jx17 wheel. At right, the 235/40ZR17 tires barely clear the rear inside of the front fenderwells when the steering is at full lock. Chicago area Lotus club

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Many thanks to Colin Watson, Wade and Sheryl Wilson, Rich Cwik at RCM Corporation, Paul Quiniff, Rocky Palella, John Welch, Karl Franz Marquez, and Tom Lappa and Jason Lucas at Fox Valley Motorcars.
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