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These are pictures taken at the 1999 Lotus Corps annual family picnic, held June 27th at Greg and Ann Wisniewski's palatial estate up in the great North woods (of Illinois, that is). Click on any photo to see the full-size image. Pictures may appear in a new browser window.
Bob Herzog knows how to stay shielded from the sun's rays. The Herzogs drove up in their pristine '63 Elan S1. Kathleen and Sanj

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A smiling Rich Cwik poses in the front driveway. Steve Styers relaxes in the shade. John Janisch and Carl Sarro open a couple of cool beverages.

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Steve Styers' beautiful '87 Turbo Esprit heads down the hill on its own... (ok, not really)

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Ed Young drove a long way to be here, but he's quite happy about it! Carl Grabowski's '91 Elan sits quietly while he frolics on the water. Mike chats with Jack Buchinger.

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Angela and John Janisch made a rare appearance. Many people spent the entire day either in or on the water. Randy Foege looks terrified as daughter Johanna prepares to take him and son Aaron for a wild ride.

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