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Here's how to remove the binnacle from a '90-'97 Esprit.
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Remove the screw from the underside of the binnacle nearest the door.

Carefully remove the screw from the opposite side, being careful not to scratch the console leather. A stubby Phillips or Skewdriver® should work well.

Whilst lying on the floor looking upwards into the area under the dashboard, locate the bolt pictured above and remove it using a 10mm socket. A swivel-head ratchet and flashlight will be most useful.

Lift up the front of the binnacle slightly to disengage it from the defroster vent. Carefully lift the side of the binnacle nearest the center of the car, then gently pull the bottom edges apart to clear the lower edge of the side fascia.

Rotate and wriggle the binnacle in an arc to clear the dashboard. Be VERY careful not to scratch the leather above the radio, a piece of protective cardboard on the top surface would be wise.

All of the gauges, indicator lamps, and switches are now readily accessible. The defroster vent is visible in the foreground.

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Updated on 06/17/01